Our Origins

TRV Trading is a proprietary trading group with a multi-decade pattern of consistent profitability. We have no customers or clients – we only trade on our account. Our company traces its origins to Singapore in the early 1990s – in fact, the name ‘TRV’ is derived from our founder’s three-letter Floor Trader badge. We take a conservative approach to risk management because we strongly believe in the motto “You have to be able to come to work tomorrow”. It may sound trite, but it has served TRV Trading well from the Asian Financial Crisis to Brexit.

Who We Are Now

Now based in Auckland, New Zealand, TRV Trading employs a team of highly skilled traders, quants, and techies to create innovative trading strategies and new implementations of our risk management philosophy.
Our trading systems are custom built from the ground up and we pay a lot of attention to the technicalities of market microstructure. Our work in backtesting infrastructure and exchange emulation is constantly pushing boundaries.

Our Skill Sets


Operating at the coalface of financial markets, our traders are responsible for monitoring risk, performing ‘market making’, and implementing algorithmic trading strategies. Decisiveness, skepticism, and market intuition are key attributes. A high level of programming skill is required, as our traders must be able to perform rigorous backtesting of the new ideas they generate. A university degree in a technical field is also a great asset.


Philosophers of numbers, quants at TRV are able to convert the theoretical into the practical. A MSc degree or higher is extremely beneficial when analysing raw market data to develop new trade ideas or improve the performance of existing systems. One thing is constant – the market is always changing faster than one anticipates.


At TRV we take great pride in our custom-built systems. If it has anything to do with trading infrastructure then we have either built it, bought it, broken it, or improved it. Very high levels of proficiency in languages (C, C++, C#, Java, Linux), complexity theory, network hardware configurations, and exchange APIs have been developed within our team.

Our Team


We support our continued growth by attracting world-class talent looking for a place where they can develop their skills, tackle challenging problems, and compete against the best in the world while working at the forefront of electronic trading.
In order to succeed within our organisation you will need to be extremely driven, dedicated to constant improvement, and focused on the success of the team. We're always on the lookout for the right people so drop us a line if this sounds like you.